Deanna White Studios

Watercolor - Pastel - Encaustics - Acrylics - Photography - Printmaking

Deanna White Artist's Process Statement:

My art is about imagination and the emotional value of color. I enjoy working in pastels, which give me the freedom to use the rich colors that I love, adding vibrancy and movement with each stroke. The use of colored and sanded papers give my pastels a richness and depth.

I also enjoy the diversity of Collage using medias such as book pages, my own hand painted and printed papers, sheet rock tape, Joss paper, anything flat is “paint” to me.

Another favorite media is hot beeswax, known as Encaustics, and is also a constant joy of experimenting with technique and texture. I work with shellacs, ink, tea bags, natural pigments and found objects from nature.

Last but not least, water based medias are also staples in my artistic diet.

My goal in painting is to achieve an Alice in her looking glass effect, so the viewer's imagination will want to step inside the painting and live there for a moment.

Deanna White

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